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I finally got fed up, I was suffering some serious “blogengine/design paralysis”. I didn’t seem able to decide on which engine and framework I should use for my own blog. But probably more important, I didn’t know what topics I should focus on. Enough is enough, I picked Hugo for static website generation, Docker to run the whole thing in a container and I just picked a theme that looked the best to me.

To prevent this blogpost to be a “Hey, here’s my brand new blog”, I’ll just tell you how I set this whole thing up, and what kind of workflow I’m using right now.


Creating a new blog on Medium or Wordpress is easy. But hey, where is the fun in that? I also took this route to learn some things about Docker, Docker Compose and Docker hub, Letsencrypt, and what it’s like to use a static website generator.

The key take aways

  • Using Markdown, a static web generator and git really translates into a Content Management System for Developers
  • Learning Docker is all about doing; a fairly simple thing as running a blog in a Docker container already gave me some a lots of “AHA” moments.
  • Since the introduction of Letsencrypt you really have NO reason to skip https support.
  • Open-source software once again proves that it can create magic
  • After setting everything up, I immediately thought that this could be automated a lot more. This is far from a turn key solution. See how you can deploy a static site with a press of a button at Staticgen.
  • Disqus, Google and Gravatar are all evil. Run your own, or die trying ;)
  • Writing good content takes time
  • - - [02/Feb/2017:15:06:52 +0000] “GET /phpmyadmin/scripts/setup.php HTTP/1.0” 404 169 “-” “-”… No sorry .php is not in the office today. Try https://www.phpmyadmin.net/ maybe they can help you out. G’day.

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